Murray's Light Foundation is a non-profit honoring the memory of Murray Nixon. Murray’s Light Foundation will provide grants, scholarships, and resources to improve the lives of young people in the Central Georgia community, as well as support causes that interested Murray.

Murray Ashley Nixon was a joyful burst of bright light from the day she was born in February of 1997. She spent 18 years living her best life loving her family and friends. Murray loved laughing and making other people smile. She loved people “not a little, but a lot,'' as she would say. In her last journal entry, Murray declared that this was going to be her best year yet, and that she hoped for “only happy things” for her future. Murray had her whole life ahead of her when she was tragically killed in an accident on December 22, 2015. Who knows what she would have accomplished had she lived into adulthood. Because her dreams were not realized, our goal is to help other young people follow EVERY rainbow. We want to be a light that offers a path for a bright future.

We hope we have the opportunity to work with you in the future as we work to spread Murray's Light throughout the Central Georgia community!